For Sale/Sold

Cane River Ranks Stylish Queen(SOLD)

Cane River Young Dog 23(SOLD)

Cane River Mr. Wilson(SOLD)

Cane River Showtime(SOLD)

Cane River Mrs. Sassy(SOLD)

Cane River Ambush(SOLD)

Cane River Reckless Ruger(SOLD)

Cane River Tinker Bell(SOLD)

Cane River Satan’s Scout

Cane River Dash(SOLD)

2 thoughts on “For Sale/Sold

  1. kevin beddingfield

    I am looking a good pup trainer or country coon dog that hunts close, I have a five year old boy that has fallen in love with coon hunting and am trying to find him a coon dog, also we have just moved to Flag Pond TN from NC and am trying to find a local coon club if you could let me know of one please .God Bless, Kevin 919-673-7764

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