Brookshier’s Sting X Cane River Trashy Trudy 5/13/2014

Hardwood Whiner X Cane River Mrs Sassy 3/25/2013

Houses Hardwood Hunter X Cane River Cry Babe 1/1/2011

Finley River Driver X Cane River Cry Babe 9/1/2009

2 thoughts on “Crosses

  1. Justin zornow

    Hello Roger
    I am looking for my next hound and am intrigued with your line of dogs. I generally only keep one dog at a time and barring catastrophe have a few years with my current female before I buy the next one, but I know what I’m looking for in a hound and it’s not easy to find. From what I can see of the pedigree of your stock seems your going at it from a different angle than most other breeders. I would love to see a full pedigree of your females. I am not a breeder or a competition hunter just a pleasure hunter who finds no pleasure in slot of today’s hounds. Thank you for your time and hard work.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for commenting John. It looks like you know what you are looking for in a hound and that we have in common. Our hounds must not only tree coons,but do so in a particular fashion that suits us. My dogs characteristics are far from where I want them, but are much closer to my standard than what I’ve seen from the outside. Just the other night I went hunting with a gentleman from our area that I had heard had an “action packed” coon dog and my neck was literally hurting from looking up so many empty trees. I eventually stopped going to the trees with him,having zero confidence the dog would show us a racoon.
      As far as seeing my females pedigrees, I would be happy to show you, but doubt it would tell you anything or have any recognizable names. I breed for traits alone, and from the same family of dogs. Breeding on pedigrees and famous names is a system I have found to bring little to no success. Give me a call anytime.

      Thank you,

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